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Migrant Workers in Canada

The presence of migrant workers in Canada has increased in recent times. The demand for skilled operatives presented an opportunity for our organisation, one we grasped with both hands. Companies that require manpower support are now turning to Skills Provision.

Demand for migrant workers in Canada moves up and down with the economic cycle and political policies.

As a generalisation, requirements exist for both certified trades and professional positions, with preference for trades listed on the skills shortage list.

It is natural for employers to seek local workers over migrants, this is because:

  • Easily available
  • Lower wages
  • There are no integration challenges

The problems employers face, is a real one, ‘are skilled local workers available’? At its most basic level, companies have to prove to the Government they have made every effort to recruit locally before seeking permission to obtain a visa.

Canada is the place to be

There is a system whereby individuals can obtain a visa under a points system; however this is not a practical route for those seeking staff in less than one year.

Businesses often seek an employer sponsored visas, these documents need to be validated by the Governments Human Resource Centre. These types of permits are frequently used to bring in senior managers and executives. The document can also be used to employ highly skilled individuals to fill vacancies which have been validated to show that, despite significant recruitment efforts, it is not possible to fill locally.

A company needs to get to the point of getting technical/theoretical approval for the granting of a visa before contacting recruitment specialists or seeking candidates to fill specific vacancies.

Skills Provision requires:

  • A detailed job description
  • The terms and conditions of employment, to include the intended contract of employment
  • A typical offer letter
  • 200-400 words about the business and the role(s) in question

Bringing in migrant workers to Canada is a long term solution and not a short term fix; it can often take 3-9 months to achieve results.

Employers are invited to make contact with Skills Provision through our website forms, by emailing  or calling +44 (0) 2079890750.

We appreciate employers may want an up-front exchange of views on their requirements before making any commitment; this is entirely understandable when looking at new sources of supply to alleviate skills shortages.

With decades of experience Skills Provision is here to help employers and candidates alike. If you are interested in discussing migrant workers in Canada, contact our Support Team today.