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Why we have built an App?

We reached a tipping point.  What do I mean by that? We had seen our website activity move up from 35% to 50% using mobile. The direction of travel became irrefutable and irreversible.

Skills Provision App

If we did not offer our clients, in this case Job Seekers, the option of interacting through an App we’d lose business, frankly it became a no brainer.

As an international recruitment agency, we are visible online 24/7 and now have an additional user friendly channel available to most clients.

We can now market not only our vacancies but also our innovative jobs coming soon where discussions are in process with employers, but contracts have yet to be signed. This enables our users to get ahead of the game. Push notifications are ideal for internet recruiters.

You can now not only view our global openings but message us whilst on the move and at your convenience.

Sure, we want you to help us grow our business because you believe that Skills Provision can help you with your Jobs and Career Search goals and hence the strap line for the App.

We are going to give the App a few months to bed in and then will introduce further features so do tell us what you would like to see……… and watch this space.

Chris Slay