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UK based Skills Provision are an online recruitment agency with a difference. This organisation fully utilises modern technology to deliver employment based solutions, around the world.

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At all levels sourcing suitable manpower has become a real challenge, companies are finding it very difficult to secure skilled and un-skilled labour within local environments. When this problem becomes too difficult people turn to recruitment specialists.

Being an online recruitment agency that’s technologically driven is a real challenge for the staff at Skills Provision. Chris Slay, the Managing Director states. “To effectively deliver virtual solutions it was necessary for us to rip up the rule book and start over. Today we utilise an array of online tools that effectively assist with the sourcing and filtering of would be employees. Whilst the task is on-going my staff are constantly pushing the technological boundary to bring employers the perfect solution, regardless of physical location”.

Being effective in recruitment requires a large up to date job seeker database. Having available workers on the books from all disciplines is what sets this organisation apart. In recent times Arriva required many bus drivers for the UK, within a few months all the positions had been filled. This is just one example where the technology used by Skills Provision is making a difference.

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