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Skills Provision Introduces Expat Money


Skills Provision offer quality solutions and information for expats operating around the world, in doing so, we are actively contributing towards the reduction of the global skills shortage!

Expat Money magazine – It’s all about money, isn’t it? Well, no, actually, it’s not. Skills Provision’s recently launched publication covers a host of topics. These will be of interest to workers considering overseas placements or employers looking to hire foreign nationals. With over two decades’ experience as an independent, international recruiter, we understand better than anyone the demands placed on employers and job seekers.

Expat Money Magazine

Expat Money helps us pick the best recruits

Employers need to offer salary packages that will incentivise quality workers. The world is recovering from the latest recession and many organisations are now desperately short of skilled operatives across many key industrial sectors, such as IT, engineering, healthcare, construction, food processing and manufacturing. Whilst there are plenty of jobs on offer, finding the right candidates can be a difficult task. The shortage is forcing companies to look further afield, but how are companies attracting and retaining quality candidates?

Here’s what an employers who works with Skills Provision has to say about Expat Money:

“We were delighted when the launch edition landed in our inbox. It’s impossible to stay abreast of developments across the major areas that affect new staff coming in from overseas, particularly in the area of working out the disparities in costs of living”.

“It’s intelligent and well thought through research enables us to tailor our communications in a way that ensures our message is always ‘right first time’ so we get the first pick of the best candidates in a jobs market that is hotting up.”

Helping job seekers pick their way through the minefield of moving overseas

Job seekers generally consider 3 factors they contemplating a move abroad:

a)     Is there a job waiting that will make it financially worthwhile to disrupt my current way of life?

b)     What is the housing situation where the job is offered; how much will it cost to live there?

c)     What is the impact on family and friends? Should this be a solo endeavour or something more permanent for the whole family?

Whilst the last point is a personal decision, the first two can be assessed by writing down projected income versus costs and looking at the most economical way to live.

Expat Money offers a short-cut to finding out exactly what help is on hand in all these areas, making the task of deciding whether to move overseas a lot easier. Foreign nationals already working internationally will find that Expat Money helps them stay abreast of latest products and services. It also offers quick and easy access to a range of experts.

Instead of having to pick your way through masses of preliminary research, Expat Money does this for you, enabling you to have informed discussions in areas that may affect your international life. How do you work out your tax liability? Reading Expat Money may help you mitigate the impact of any tax liability, this is just one aspect that, prior to picking up the magazine, may not even have been considered.

There’s an old adage that it all comes back to money and, certainly, this will have been the primary driver for most foreign nationals seeking overseas employment. Expat Money throws light on specialist areas, making it easy to understand and highlights the impact on expats.

The world-wide cost of living survey from the Economic Intelligence Unit gathers detailed information on the cost of more than 160 items, checking 50,000 prices. An up-to-date summary of this information and the effect it is likely to have on disposable income is a regular feature of the magazine.

Moving abroad can be tricky. From the obvious, such as ensuring you have the right visa and work permit, do you like the weather and understand the local laws and customs. You need to make sure your job is secure and you are comfortable across a whole host of issues.

Expat jobs are under threat in many countries. In Saudia Arabia, new laws, recently introduced, mean that only the best expat workers will be kept on.

Moving abroad can see your savings depleted on return. Spain and Greece are prime examples. Last year, HiFix, the foreign exchange brokers, reported that one in three British-owned properties in Greece and Spain went up for sale as expats fled the Eurozone financial troubles. Post Office research in the UK (September 2013) found that cost-of-living price rises in Greece and Portugal were higher than any other country they surveyed. Malta and Bulgaria may be cheaper to live in, but wages are lower too.

Newsagents’ shelves are littered with magazines covering everything from where to find help with recruiting if you are an employer struggling to fill the skills gap, to how to pack your possessions and set up a bank account for those arriving to work in a country for the first time.

What you won’t find so easily on the shelves or online, is one magazine which has done all the research, is compiled by experts in their chosen area, and is brought to you by genuine independent specialists.


Author: Chris Slay