Preparation for Recruitment

This information has been produced to give the employer or HR a head-start with the recruitment process that lays ahead.


When a search form is received, information related to the subjects below will need answering.

  • Position or job title
  • Location of the job
  • Start date and working hours
  • Will overtime be available
  • Is there a probationary period
  • Language requirements
  • Duties to be covered at work (general overview)
  • Working conditions (brief overview)
  • Requirements (qualifications required or experience levels)
  • Interview process (virtual, telephone or in person)
  • Will induction training be given
  • Will staged training be provided

Your recruitment partner may also wish to discuss:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Pay
  • Integration
  • Banking
  • Taxation
  • Package
  • Visa’s
  • Recruitment process and time frames

Recruitment consultants at Skills Provision are very experienced in placing international workers. The more employers’ or HR are prepared the easier the process will flow.