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Migrant Workers a Good Alternative

Most companies turn to local and national markets when requiring manpower, however very few consider an international solution. Migrant workers have been a valuable resource for many countries, especially when skill shortages exist. Take the United Kingdom for example, over the past few years there has been a dramatic shortfall of fully trained care workers. The team at Skills Provision has constantly been called on to provide support.

Migrant Worker

Often employers look at migrant workers as being a source of low skilled labour, whilst this is true most of the time, it is not totally accurate. Highly skilled positions are filled internationally by the migrant workforce population.

Skills Provision have actively placed migrant workers for over a decade, Chris Slay, the Managing Director states. “In days gone by when I ran a successful salmon factory, we would not have survived without the supplementation of migrant labour. When skill shortages and manpower restrictions take hold, the options become limited. Without suitable manpower, most businesses fail to operate”.

With an active database of over 10 million workers, sourcing manpower at Skills Provision is not a problem, it’s just a matter of carrying out all the necessary checks and due diligence, when this is done placing the right people into the right positions becomes possible.

Moving into the migrant labour market for the first time can be daunting for many companies, however these fears quickly subside when dealing with seasoned experts.

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