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Will Corporate Australia Listen?

As an international recruitment agency we recruit from around the globe moving talent to areas that are experiencing skills shortages but one of the most frustrating areas to work in is Australia, where the demand is so obvious and with solutions available but where we, as a recruiter, have failed to break through and be heard by the end user.

Overnight we received an insight from within Australia that I’d like to share with you.

What do you do when all your recruitment systems become obsolete?

“Everything that we have been used to relying on simply doesn’t get the same results any more?
We know that if it isn’t working we have to change, but how do we change and to what?”

This is a typical reaction we are experiencing every day from General Managers, CEO’s and Operations Managers.

Using the fishing analogy when the pond you are fishing in becomes all fished out you have to find another pond or start breeding your own fish. The point here is that Australian businesses have been using the same systems for decades and now these systems are failing them. The old tried and tested combination of HR and Recruitment working together is crumbling under the pressure of an internationally skilled economy which demands immediate satisfaction or the loss of opportunity by failing to employ well skilled, suitable people.

Recently one our major employers hit rock bottom and in a confidential interview admitted that they had lost all confidence in their own HR department and their own Recruiters. They also were desperate to find suitable workers because their competitors were recruiting internationally and leaving them behind.

Their existing staff were working ridiculous hours to keep the business running and satisfy customer demand and they had no idea who to turn to for help. Existing managers were burning out and the company was facing very grim times if they could not secure good workers soon.

This is an all too common scenario for us as specialists as we watch very traditional Australian businesses facing some of the worst shortages they have ever seen.

Yes, it is time that  Aussies all woke up to the fact that we are living in an international business economy where skilled people are not looked upon as a commodity but as a person.

If this means we have to change fishing ponds to be able to keep our business economy stable I say “bring it on” .


Author: Chris Slay

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