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Whistleblowers Wanted

With one in 5 of the working population being on some sort of state support it would be a surprise if most of us didn’t know of someone cheating the system but appearing to “get away with it”

We are not talking here about the people who are genuinely entitled to benefits when they have disclosed the full facts. Whilst we might personally disagree with the benefits structure that is another story for another time.

What we are talking about here is

  • people who fail to disclose their assets in order to get higher benefits
  • those fit enough to work but claiming the inability to work but then either work in the black economy or have hobbies that defy their alleged medical problems.
  • black economy/cash workers who hide the extra income
  • overt multi claimants committing direct fraud

The problem is so vast with 8 million people receiving some type of benefit  and with a complex system that even the professionals struggle to understand the Coalition needs help from each and every one of us in prioritizing the actions to be taken.

The answer is relatively straight forward.

Why not have an on line Whistleblowing charter allowing individuals to report the worst abuses under set criteria. Consideration could be given to paying the informant a modest anonymous percentage of the money saved.

I know this is “not very British” but these cheats are stealing from everyone of us and I for one would be willing to report someone if  I knew my anonymity would be respected.

So come on Mr Cameron let’s have a Whistleblowers charter from the coalition by Easter 2011.


Author: Chris Slay

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