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Unemployment v Unemployable

We all risk nimbyism on this subject but we need to think and look globally. We need to face the truth that with improved welfare there are simply too many people being born and not enough dying to make room.

With technology continuing to remove many of the drudge jobs done in all societies around the globe the need for people simply isn’t there.

We get emotive headlines which are shocking, but inevitable, with Greece having lived beyond its means for years the outcome is inevitable. Spain fuelled by a building boom that was unsustainable is heading in the same direction and there is not a country around the world that does not have looming social problems.

Couple with this poor education systems where the assembly lines have been churning out obsolete or oversupplied skills the problem is here to stay as most of the unemployed are unemployable.

Those with in demand skills around the globe will get jobs and the removal of those skills from the current domestic market place is inevitable however regrettable it might be. The Irish will emigate to Australia if they have the Skills. The Brits will follow but only if they can demonstrate they have the required skills.

Countries that are rich in natural resources are pouring billions into Education and the demand for ESL teachers has never been higher but in turn these countries are not as yet effectively tackling the issues of unemployment within their own society.

All these people also have to be fed putting stress on our ability to produce the food required and we have seen the results of attempts to become super producers.

As societies around the globe get richer, societies expectations and demands rise and skills shortages emerge.  We do shift these resources but it must be remembered we are dealing with the cream of society and that is not where the problem lies.

Is it time for China’s one child policy to be applied globally in order to contract the world’s population?


Author: Chris Slay

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