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UK General election: Immigration centre stage in last nights TV debate

The highlight of the 90-minute debate was a heated exchange on immigration between the three leaders.

David Cameron claimed the Liberal Democrats were planning an amnesty for 600,000 illegal immigrants – a sum that would double if those immigrants were allowed to bring in a relative each.

Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, rejected this, saying the only person advocating such a measure was the Tory London mayor, Boris Johnson.

And he rounded on David Cameron, saying: “Every time you talk about our policy, it’s wrong.If you hear them talk about it, just assume they’re misleading you,’

Gordon Brown’s contribution to this section of the debate was to assert that both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats were wrong on immigration. He said Nick Clegg was wrong to allow people to enter Britain illegally and David Cameron was wrong to propose a cap on immigration.

We repeat our statement is Immigration a disease or a symptom – just a shame this question wasn’t raised.

The overall quality of the debate was better then the first two but I still fell asleep and suggest that some entrepreneurial hypno therapist brings out the the 3 debates as a box set entitle – “Cure for insomnia”

Author – Chris Slay

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