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A story of Polish resourcefulness.

Yesterday we awoke to the volcanic Ash story and the impact on the airline industry in Northern Europe.

A 47 year old man was due on a flight from Gdansk to Bristol to start a new job in the UK. By 10am we had established that flights were cancelled. Through our agents in Poland we made contact with him en route to the airport – a 4 hour drive – and we agreed it would be best to abandon the flight return to his home city and take a bus. Recognising that others would be looking to do the same we authorised our agents to purchase the ticket and to meet the man on his return and help him to get to the bus on time.

At no time did he murmur any complaints, only gratitude for the assistance given. Through translators he said “ I lost my job as a lorry driver in October and have not worked since, this is the first job offer I have had and I’ll do whatever is needed to get there”

As we speak he is on the bus arriving in the UK Saturday to start his new job on Monday.

Chris Slay , Director of Skills Provision said “ You have to admire the Polish workers, when we had the snows in January and February you had a 95% turnout even on the roughest days, and I’m sure there are many other stories like this one involving one of our workers”   

Author – Chris Slay

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