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Social Recruitment not yet a Winner with SME Bosses

The face of recruitment is changing but the migration will be slower than people think or may wish.

Whilst candidates are becoming much more internet savvy with no fear of participating in the new media many bosses remain rooted to past practices and methods of communication.
In a recent survey conducted amongst SME’s in the UK specialist recruiter Skills Provision discovered the following:
  • Most companies will turn to their previous supplier in the first instance for lower level jobs
  • Rarely is a specialist recruiter sought out, unless there has been a recruitment issue
  • Bosses often get PA’s/line managers to carry out desk top research without giving an adequate briefing
  • 2 out of 3 companies do not have detailed job descriptions in this sector
  • Bosses rarely know how to use search engines effectively to refine search
  • Businesses rarely look beyond page 1 on Google
  • Bosses are much more likely to call than use on line forms
  • Speed of response to that initial call is key
  • Bosses are less interested in rock bottom prices than the overall offering
Quoting the old cliché “that 50% of marketing works but which 50% is the challenge” Chris Slay from Skills Provision said that whilst its social media programmes worked well on the candidate front “the benefits in gaining access to employers/hirers has been limited with traditional methods still bringing the best results. It will change as the old guard moves on and as technology continues to improve, but it will take time”


Author: Chris Slay

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