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SME’s Bucking the Trend

In a recent poll of UK employers, results show a likelihood of a slight cooling in the economic climate over the coming months. However in the small business sector the outlook is rosier, with manufacturing set to advance.

There has been a slight change in the geographical picture; the South of England is set to see moderate employment growth when compared to the North, a change from previous months.

CIPD expect annual earnings for the UK to remain relatively flat with an average increase of 2% compared to the previous figure of 1.6%.

Analysts at Skills Provision see an issue looming over the next 12 months. This is related to the UK’s productivity hangover. Whilst the economic climate continues on its steady road to recovery, many sectors are struggling to recruit skilled labour, issues being availability and the packages being offered. Businesses will be forced to widen their employment search if skilled workers cannot be sourced locally. The Healthcare sector is struggling and requires changes to Tier 2 volumes and procedures.


Author: Chris Slay