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Skills Shortages the Immigration Effect

Why does immigration occur? Employers want people to carry out functions to assist in their businesses but can’t find the resources locally.
Using immigrants is not a source of cheap labour but an alternative or additional source of skills.
Immigrants are well protected by UK legislation but often come from countries where the “featherbed” of the welfare state does not exist and if you don’t work , you don’t eat and are grateful for regular employment.
We have chosen to be part of the European Union and with this comes free movement of labour which tend to be biased towards inward migration with workers arriving from Eastern Europe to take up jobs in the UK , which the locals don’t want to do or where the skills do not exist.
Certain industries would flounder without migrant workers – care, food processing and agriculture.
Many requiring trade skills such as welders, bench joiners, CNC operators and the Construction sector are again turning to overseas workers as the skills they need are not being produced by our education system.
We are hearing complaints from the IT sector, Engineering, Health care and Hospitality that they can’t get the workers they want.
Why oh why isn’t the Government looking at industrial and social dynamics and guiding the education system accordingly? What is the point in educating our young people down blind alleyways, burdening them with debt and training them for the dole as they emerge without the required skills.


Author: Chris Slay

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