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Recruitment in House or Outsourced?

It is an age old debate and there is no simple answer but here are some of the arguments for outsourcing recruitment as cross recruitment is is used more and more to deal with world wide skills shortages

  1. Flexible overheads, only use when required.
  2. By reducing bureaucracy you will produce a faster route to market.
  3. Recruiting is a time consuming task, outsourcing this element allows for business focus.
  4. A good recruiter will ensure a job description and employment package is correctly structured.
  5. Spend more time developing and retaining existing staff.
  6. An international recruitment agency will have access to a large database of candidates.
  7. Recruiters have relationships with passive job seekers; these people may be suitable for your business.
  8. Recruitment consultants are trained in the interview and screening process.
  9. Specialist recruiters can determine the suitability of candidates with ease.
  10. Outsourcing recruitment issues can save money.
  11. Maintain confidentiality when Head-hunting. Don’t give away your competitive edge. By undertaking your own recruiting, you offer your competitors insight into your company’s future strategy.
  12. International recruitment agencies offer support and advice on salaries, market trends and availability, both locally and internationally.

International Recruitment Agencies are paid by results, so our services are aligned to the needs of the employer and candidate.

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Author: Chris Slay

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