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Polish Workers Returning to the UK

Recent statistics released in Poland show an unexpected rise in the number of Poles either coming to or returning to the UK but the demand these days are skewing towards more skilled jobs

 An example is that Polish workers have been drafted in to help build Britain’s two new multi-billion-pound aircraft carriers.
Experts said it was the first time a Royal Navy shipbuilding programme has required the mass recruitment of overseas workers, since the 14th century
In a great irony, some of the welders learnt their skills working on Soviet submarines during the Cold War, when Poland was behind the Iron Curtain.
Critics said the move exposed the hollowness of Labour’s pledge to invest in training over more than a decade.
Stephen Alambritis, chief spokesman for the Federation of Small Businesses said: ‘It’s a sad state of affairs when there aren’t enough British welders in the workplace to take advantage of these jobs.
Chris Slay of Eastern European recruitment company Skills Provision said “Skills shortages in welding, fabrication, bench joining and care means that there is a steady flow of Polish workers entering the UK. It is not a question of cost but the supply of reliable skilled workers that is important to British companies”


Author: Chris Slay

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