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People Buy People

This has been a mantra of mine for many years and is the essence behind social media and the need to build up awareness and confidence by being visible approachable and communicative but it is a lesson that corporate UK has yet to embrace fully.

It is a constant frustration at the ignorance of people failing to embrace common courtesies of please and thank you as most would in a face to face environment. Failure to respond is a common failing. I don’t mean to the irritating sales calls we all get but to clients and suppliers the very life blood of any business.

When talent management has never been more crucial the failure of UK PLC Chairman and Directors to ensure proper and effective communication with the market  place and the incompetence of most HR functions it should come as no surprise as to the high failure rate in recruitment. If recruiters don’t receive quality information how can they do their jobs?

Within our group activities as an international recruitment agency we have a professional services arm that services businesses globally but in particular attacking the skills shortages in Australia where a similar problem exists and I’m beginning to conclude it is an Anglo Saxon issue. Clients such as those seeking to recruit ESL teachers in Saudi Arabia at least given you a decent job brief to work from and other non English speaking nations do seem to do a better job in this connection.

Now occasionally you see someone who appears to be breaking the mould and thinking outside of the box and I have picked up on this blog piece by Stuart Parker of Somerset based Lawyers Future Law who seem to be progressive. We recruit Lawyers and provide professional services  to the Legal profession but they are a unique breed and Stuart’s piece immediately resonated with me but the advice given applies across the board.

Failure to communicate may give you a quieter life but it will not build you a business. It is so much easier to communicate today but it should not be all by automated messages but supplemented by visions into who you are as person because people buy people.


Author – Chris Slay

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