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Lawyers the Case for the Defense

Lawyers are a strange breed. Often blessed with intelligence they are extremely reticent about showing their skills in public whereas today you need to showcase, not showboat, your talent to get noticed.

Through our specialised arm Lawyers on Tap we deal with a lot of Lawyers but the majority exhibit a number of common characteristics:

  • A herd instinct of sticking with yesterday’s good practice.
  • Failure to engage with clients and thinking transactionally.
  • Poor communication skills and tardy decision making.
  • Failure to embrace and use technology to the full.

All in all a recipe for extinction because the more fleet of foot within the profession will be nicking the Emperor’s clothes and they won’t all be Lawyers.

Whilst Lawyers will hate this , much of the law is a process, and it lends itself to automation, reduction in costs and out sourcing to specialised factories that will spring up.

The Law generalist is in trouble and those that have survived with a mixed bag of low skill work will find it very tough moving forward and need to look for specialist niches or to hook up with others with a stronger following.

Change is here and any right minded Lawyer needs to be thinking of themselves and measuring the alternatives because there are choices and the elections made by the few will ripple through the profession as others see the mood within the profession changes.

Here is what we see happening:

  • A few senior corporate guys will get the chop as the M & A business is unlikely to recover for several years. Some will retire, most will be sent on gardening leave, to try and ensure their following is weakened. Those affected need to think of number one and what happens after 6 months. If you are London based you need a following of @£300k to earn a 6 figure + sum but in the provinces this drops to @ £150k and we can help manage your transition.
  • Associates, often held back by greedy partners, will vote with their feet especially if they have seen their bosses chopped. We explain here why extreme care needs to be taken in search of short term savings. Associates, especially the stars with energy and a following have considerable choices including running their own show if that is their bag. Again we know where the jobs are.
  • PII challenges will force many one man bands to “merge” and also small partnerships were a wider product offering is required. We see the franchised operations like Future Law prospering
  • Specialists, like cream will rise to the surface and will be less vulnerable to attack from Tesco Law style operations that will hone in on the low hanging fruit.

Lawyers need to be alive and thinking personally and defensively and that does not mean burying your head in the sand.

So whatever your circumstances you should be speaking to Lawyers on Tap or ourselves about securing your future.


Author – Chris Slay

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