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Kill benefit tourism, reduce UK unemployment and Welfare costs

After several years of campaigning Skills Provision International is pleased  to lend support to the Coalition plans stop so-called “benefit tourists” settling in the UK purely to use its generous welfare system.

This is a ridiculous situation brought about by overarching EU inspired legislation and mindless adherence by politicians that has never made sense to the man in the street.

Under the plans, ministers will require immigrants from the European Economic Area to have a “genuine chance of finding work” to get unemployment benefits.

At the moment, they already have to prove that they are seeking work to claim Jobseekers Allowance. However, this goes one step further by asking them to prove they are likely to get employment.

Ministers hope the change in language will help them to weed out immigrants who are entering Britain for a life of dependence on the state. Whilst it is the minority some EU migrants, arriving with jobs, deliberately get the sack within 3 months so as to maximise benefits, and we are foolish enough to allow it.

Mr Cameron’s speech comes just weeks after he admitted the Government has allowed some foreigners to “take advantage” of the NHS and hand-outs.

We understand that legislation will be brought forward to tackle these issues:

  • To cut unemployment benefits after six months for some jobless immigrants are part of a package of measures due to be unveiled today.
  • In another reform, the Government will order councils to make sure an immigrant has lived in an area for up to five years before qualifying for housing.
  • Non-European immigrants may have to pay money to visit at GP and people who used to work legally but overstayed their visas will no longer get benefits based on their National Insurance contributions

“Ending the something-for-nothing culture needs to apply to immigration as well as welfare,” Mr Cameron is expected to say. “We’re going to give migrants from the EEA a very clear message. Just like British citizens, there is no absolute right to unemployment benefit.”

  •  It is not clear whether the child benefit scam of claiming benefits for children born, brought up and educated in another country will be tackled or
  • The payment of job seekers allowance, for periods beyond when people have left the UK are to be tackled.
  • A close review of the qualifying period for housing benefits is needed as well.

The Coalition is concerned about a public backlash if Britain sees an influx of immigrants from new EU member states within the next year, putting pressure on public services. Five year old quotas limiting the number of people from Bulgaria and Romania who can move to live in Britain are due to expire at the end of the year. Tens of thousands are expected to settle in the UK without jobs to look for work under EU rules which is an absolute nonsense, given the UK’s own unemployment and welfare issues. This needs to be stopped now. Why let them in, in the first place? Yes, we know the EU law, but let’s face it what has that done for us?

Under the new plans, immigrants from EU countries will now have to prove that they have a “genuine chance of finding work” or have their benefits cut after six months.

Mark Harper, a Tory immigration minister, yesterday told Sky News that the Coalition’s reforms would give Britain the toughest controls in the world.

There are two further points that need to be made.

  • This will not impact of skilled migration as those involved will not qualify for benefits and are much needed to alleviate genuine skills shortages in many parts of the UK economy and which indeed makes up part of our own daily business activities. Indeed there is a powerful argument to relax Tier 2 visa migration rules but that is another story for another day.
  • It will force Employers, the government and educators to tackle the domestic unemployment market and to work to make these people employable by creating incentives to work by reducing dependency on the welfare state. No able bodied person should be able to sit on their backside receiving benefits let alone families.

Successive governments have permitting billions of low level frauds to take place by not enforcing action against work dodgers and at long last it seems this government intends to take action and we hope it holds its nerve as we believe the majority of tax paying citizens will applaud these moves.


Author: Chris Slay

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