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Invalidity Scroungers Under the Cosh

Three cheers for the coalition. Strong government at last.

We’ve all met them, some we might know personally, others by reputation but the people who claim to be too ill to work yet always appear to have cash in their pocket from the black economy.

I used to see them daily in my local where the public bar was nicknamed the UB40 bar because of the make up of the customer base but at last it seems as though the government of the day appears determined to do something about it.

Like most right minded people I have no problem in supporting those that are genuinely unable to work but why should any of us support the unscrupulous scroungers sponging of us all.

It is thought that up to 500,000 will be found fit to work or a third of the existing 1.6 claimants. Hundreds of thousands of claimants will be stripped of their payments, after ministers found they had not been questioned about their conditions for years.

Letters are being sent to 1.6 million people on incapacity benefit, asking them to submit to reassessments. By the end of the week, 7,000 people will have been contacted, rising to 10,000 a week by the end of April. The first assessments are scheduled for June.

Outline plans were first put forward 3 years ago whilst in opposition and this move forms part of the drive by the Government to reduce the number of long-term claimants in a rolling programme through to 2014.

It follows the publication of final results from trial assessments in Burnley and Aberdeen, which confirmed that almost a third of claimants were fit for work, while a further 38% had the potential to work if supported correctly.

Under the new scheme, private companies will be used to help people off benefits and back into work, and rewarded with fees of up to £14,000 for each individual case.

Anybody ruled fit for work who is currently on an invalidity benefit  will be placed on the less generous Job Seekers Allowance.

Chris Grayling, the minister responsible, has warned that claimants who refuse to take part in the schemes will lose their benefits but people genuinely too sick to work will continue to receive unconditional support from the state, which is how it should be.


Author: Chris Slay

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