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International Skills Shortages in Uncertain Times

As an international recruitment agency we are a barometer of economic activity as even with today’s huge advances in technology there are no businesses you can run without people. However, in business the only thing that is certain is uncertainty and that markets are increasingly dynamic as the world becomes a smaller place.

We see the same errors repeated around the world by both employers and employees and it usually focuses around the inability to think of the recipients requirements because it takes two to communicate and one way broadcasting usually falls on stony ground.

Locally, nationally and internationally there are skills shortages. The shortages may change but there will always be shortages as we operate in an imperfect work and in crude terms recruitment provides a dating service between those that want the skills and those that have them.

Very simple but……… 

There are 5 global skills shortages which will play on various economies in different ways and at different times but if your needs fall into any of these categories recruitment will be tough:

  • Education – for example the chase for ESL Teachers is in full swing at present from Saudi Arabia to China
  • Engineers – Germany and the USA have shortages and now the UK is beginning to speak of shortages
  • Healthcare – chronic shortages in Dentistry , Doctors and Nurses in Australia for example
  • Natural Resources – Australia has huge demand but Canada is now competing hard
  • Information Technology – just about everywhere but only for the cream

With this in mind it is essential that Employers get there act together and put together a strong internationally acceptable package but this has to start with the basics. The way to successful recruitment is through a quality job description and getting this right is imperative. Asking a recruiter to find you pilots for example is pretty pointless unless the Employer details the exact skills and experience that is needed but still we get job descriptions without basic details such as location and salary. I know it is hard to believe but it happens on a daily basis and is a huge hidden cost to effective recruitment.

Mind you on the other side would be Employees constantly let themselves down. We have teachers who can’t spell or punctuate. Pilots and IT professionals who can’t complete a sentence without including an acronym and candidates who have conflicts between CV’s and declarations which put employers on edge.

In recruitment we often wonder how we can get our message out more effectively but at the end of the day we all make choices. Our choice is to work with the best organised Employers who know what they want and what they are prepared to pay for the service. if we say yes then we will scour the world looking for the best candidates with the correct skills match that can legally accept the position.

Challenging times.


Author: Chris Slay

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