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If you Don’t Have a Job Offer, Stay at Home.

It has been noticeable over the summer the increase in the number of calls we are getting either directly or, more often, on behalf of individuals looking for work.

This is obviously our job but the alarming thing is that most of these people have travelled to the UK in the hope of finding something on arrival and seem genuinely surprised that our streets are not paved with gold and do very little to help themselves.

In today’s market place it is a buyer’s market so every individual needs to stand out from the crowd so:

  • If you don’t speak English , you stand very little chance unless you have a genuine skill that is in short supply.
  • If you have skills you need to be able to demonstrate the fact, saying you are a welder for instance doesn’t mean that you can do the work. Have your certificates available and links to relevant websites to prove the work you have done.
  • As an absolute minimum have a well written CV in English containing all you details plus contact points – an email address is better than just a mobile phone number
  • Be prepared to prove your right to work in the UK, recruiters don’t want to waste their time.
  • Be flexible on location – a job is a job.

There are still opportunities in the UK for skilled workers in areas such as care, fabrication, welding, bench joinery where we have insufficient skilled labour but the days of arriving and staying with friends and trying to get work “on the fly” have gone. It is sad to relate the cases of unskilled Polish workers having to go back home broke after a few weeks or Bulgarian builders arriving in pursuit of the self employed dream only to find nobody wants them as they can’t speak any English.

Our advice, is don’t travel until you have a firm job offer. You won’t get a job offer unless you help yourself and have the skills needed.


Author: Chris Slay

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