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HR Departments Score Own Goals in Communication Blunders

A new study conducted by SHL indicates that 24 per cent of HR departments believe they have become overstretched since the recession and, as a result, are failing to communicate properly with jobseekers. A fifth of employers are not giving detailed feedback to unsuccessful interviewees, while 17 per cent are failing to inform candidates they will not be receiving an offer. Some 16 per cent of businesses surveyed said they are not in a position to even confirm receipt of applications at present.

The SHL study, which looked into hiring practices in the retail sector, found that 49 per cent of job applicants have been left with a negative view of a company following an unsuccessful job application.

It is not surprising that 18 per cent of candidates said they have taken their custom elsewhere as a result of their experience. Some 46 per cent of jobseekers claimed that not being informed as to the success of the application is their greatest complaint, followed by 39 per cent resenting a lack of feedback, and 36 per cent the absence of an application receipt.

All this is basic stuff and can be automated using technology.

As a company boss you need to recognise that the HR department has your brand in their hand and woeful statistics like this suggests that many HR departments don’t recognise their responsibilities and it is a case of changing your HR or outsourcing to maintain brand credibility.


Author: Chris Slay

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