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Govt to bring in foreign workers to help with Olympic projects

The government has asked for skilled foreign workers to come into the UK to help with several major building projects.

Among these are the venues being erected for the 2012 London Olympics, which need experienced staff in order to ensure they stay on time and under budget, the Daily Express says.

Many critics have pointed out that there are 2.5 million people on the dole in the UK, but the government said that skilled workers are needed to make sure the stadia are ready in time for the show-piece in two years’ time.

A report by the Migration Advisory Committee said: “Numerous large-scale publicly-funded projects are in the planning stage and also in the stages of initial construction. These will all increase demand for skilled foreign labourers.”

Meanwhile, Chris Slay, who heads the European Recruitment Agency, recently pointed out that the heavy snow conditions which have affected the UK only stopped two of his 80 direct workers from Eastern Europe from working for a client one day last week, while 40 per cent of British staff did not turn in.


Author: Chris Slay

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