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With world wide skills shortages, increased competition to fill various skills gaps  an individual needs to stand out from the crowd. it is equally true that Corporates need to market themselves via their chosen International Recruitment Agency to the candidate as well.

As an International Recruitment Agency you would not believe some of the rubbish we are confronted with verbally and in writing and here are the top 3 in each category so far in 2011

  • Ring, ring we are from Ghana we want to work in the UK, when can we start. Politely explained why we couldn’t help. Called different numbers twice more within half an hour.
  • Can you find me 6 cleaners and a Polish speaking supervisor/salesman. When can they start? On mention of a fee interest vanished. Strange how some people think we are a registered charity.
  • I’m from cleaners in the buff , we are a start up company, but need your people on a trial, I think not.

And in writing

  • I’d like a part time job, evenings would be best – no name, no contact details
  • A reputable large company with an order for 12 CNC operators but wouldn’t/couldn’t provide a job description and even declined to respond when we sent them an 80% completed template. Extraordinary. All involved in the recruitment process need to be thorough and it takes two to communicate.
  • A healthcare group, provided good information but conflicting. When questioned about true rates of pay they backed off and in our judgement the absence in transparency might well cloak abuse of the workers – best to stay away

There is nearly always an uneasy friction within the wheel that is recruitment when it could roll that much more easily.

  • Clients need to plan ahead and to provide a quality job description detailing exactly what they want. it is the Recruiters job to test the job description with the client, to clear up any anomalies and then to turn it into a marketing document
  • Candidates should prepare what is asked by the agency, sometimes this is dictated by the client but more often it is the Agent being thorough. There are millions of links on the web here is one link on how to write a quality CV. To me it is blindingly obvious that a quality CV is a candidates investment in their future but you should see some of the “efforts” we receive and it does beggar believe. We now say no package, no action and no search until a candidate gives us what we want.
  • The Recruiter should be the honest broker (sometimes the employer under managed services) and should favour neither side encouraging both to use best practice and never being afraid to say no which is hard to do in a recession and some of our competitors have fallen into that trap.

Domestic or International Recruitment is a process, it isn’t rocket science. If Client’s can’t or won’t tell you what they want. When candidates won’t help themselves or gild the lilly it can be exasperating. But hey, who ever said business was easy?

Recognise the signals quickly and move on. If Clients or candidates won’t help themselves don’t let their problems become your problems.


Author: Chris Slay

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