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Employment Attitudes a UK Example

Before the recession we brought in several thousand Polish Workers and either supplied them directly and subcontracted them out or acted as an employment agency.

The UK market has been very tough and we are much more active internationally than we are domestically but keep our finger on the pulse in the UK.

However, all markets change and you always need to remember where your roots are and ours are securely in Somerset in the West Country.

Two days ago it was an unexpected pleasure to get a call out of the blue from an old client just wanting one person for an unskilled job.

We put the word out through social media and websites and this was the result.

  • British applicants – nil. To be fair we did get one call but on learning the start time and the fact it was 15 miles away he didn’t bother to send in his CV for this or any other jobs that we might have. You make your own luck and if your don’t enter the lottery you sure as hell are not going to win it.
  • A local Portuguese with immaculate English who asked for our email address but never got round to sending his email within the time frame specified. A shame because he was trying to help himself and should he revert with his details I will see if I can help. BUT I wonder was he actually Portuguese and therefore have the right to work in the European Union or was he another nationality. This used to be a problem especially with Brazilians masquerading as Portuguese. Perhaps one to watch out for if you are recruiting directly?
  • A local Pole, who emailed his CV within an hour. Agreed to meet me at 8am for an interview and revealed a hidden skill not required for the position but a real bonus. A full UK forklift license. His English isn’t perfect but good enough and guess what – he starts tomorrow.

This is by no means an isolated example, we see it world wide especially with lower skilled jobs where candidates either don’t seem to realise or are too lazy to put the hard yards in up front. As the expression goes you’ve got to be in it to win it and who is going to win – the person that is best documented.

It is beyond me why anyone seeking work doesn’t invest time in trying to stand out from the crowd when you consider how many free resources there are including our own.

You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. There must be some very thirsty and probably hungry horses out there.


Author: Chris Slay

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