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David Cameron Looses his Cool

A surprise leak has emerged from 10 Downing Street following an overnight meeting of the inner Cabinet.

Insiders tell us that the normally cool calm and collected Prime Minister David Cameron really  blasted his colleagues for general ineptitude.

At a time when there are so many international situations deflecting the coalition it appears the straw that  broke the camels back was a piece of low level legislation  involving the Agency Worker regulations that comes into force later this year.

Cameron who personally is against the legislation, that is being foisted on the UK by Europe feels he has been let down by continuing delays. It is thought he cited the delays in the coalition forming a view on its position that took months, the delay in announcing that the legislation would be enacted as passed and culminating in the failure of officials  to publish guidance notes by the end of March.

Cameron has apparently been in consultation with Olof Pilar the world’s leading authority on the complex Swedish Derogation rules who recently resigned in frustration over the delays and asked him to chair a subgroup to get the regulations issued as soon as possible.

Apparently, Cameron told his colleagues that he would bring in other outsiders if he felt let down by colleagues. Alan Sugar would be proud.


Author: Chris Slay

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