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Chicken Catchers Exploited GLA Acts

Some very big brands have got egg on their face by being caught up in a human trafficking event. You need to be very careful choosing your Gangmaster. Having a license doesn’t mean best practice as can be seen on this video .

It is also time that all users of temporary labour looked beyond the lowest rate because if a charge rate seems too good to be true it probably is and masks some manipulation of the rules.

We are registered Gangmasters and there is a rate below which doing business is pointless as it fails to cover costs let alone enabling a reasonable profit to  be made.

The Association of Labour Providers issues a handy guide to labour users and here is alink.

To Employers we strongly recommend you review you labour arrangements for compliance to this and also the Agency Worker Regulations.

We are happy to field enquiries and suggest solutions but our preferred contact is via the website enabling us to carry out research before speaking with you.

Not a good time for all involved and Eastern European labour needs to be viewed as alternative labour not cheap labour to be exploited.


Author: Chris Slay

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