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Charity Begins at Home

If, like me, you have been looking for an easy, cost effective and discrete way to support a charity you care about, then read on. There is now a new way of buying financial solutions in the comfort of your own home that is a win-win for charities and their supporters.

It is not easy, in the current economic climate, for many charity supporters to give more of their income to help their charities. Salaries are flat. Costs are rising. There is pressure to save for the future. Yet many charities are desperate for funds to continue to provide services that are so important to so many people across the UK.

Charitable Choice, is a new online fundraising initiative that helps charity supporters choose the right financial solutions for themselves at great rates and at the same time generates a meaningful and sustainable income for their chosen charity.

Charitable Choice is the initiative of Clear Choice Partnership, which gives half of what it earns and more for introducing a customer to a financial broker partner, back to a customer in the form of a discount or rebate. It then makes it easy for the supporter to share this money with a charity of their choice. The supporter does not give from his or her income. Charitable Choice partners with Just Giving, ensuring between 95% and 100%, and more including gift aid, of donations reach the nominated charity.

The financial solutions available include ISAs, Investment Funds and Annuities. These are products that many supporters plan to buy anyway. Charitable Choice partners are established, independent brokers such as Chelsea Financial Services and Annuity Direct . They offer a full choice of products at great rates and support where needed, and give to charity as part of the deal.

Those with existing investments in managed funds can help charities too, without buying a product or making a donation themselves. They can re-register their existing funds through Charitable Choice. In return they can monitor, buy, sell and switch funds online; and receive a consolidated statement of their investments and quarterly fund research updates. Chelsea Financial Services, the investment broker, makes a donation to the supporter’s chosen charity subject to the value of the funds that are re-registered, and gives 20% of its annual commission to charity. A charity receives this share of Chelsea’s annual commission every year the supporter maintains the investment with them through Charitable Choice. This has cost the supporter and the charity absolutely nothing.

Example of the experience of a Charity supporter: “Re-registering was simple. I completed a straightforward form online and Chelsea checked my entries, filled in other necessary forms and sent these to me to review. I signed and posted them to a designated address. My funds were not sold, so I was not subject to market risks, which is helpful while the economic situation is so uncertain. It was free to do and as of now my chosen charity is benefiting. I highly recommend this to others as a way to raise money for their charity. I go so far as to say it is a no-brainer!”

Skills Provision are delighted to be associated with  Charitable Choice a new way of giving.


Author – Chris Slay

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