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Cameron Makes an Extraordinary Step re AWR

Through our help site  we have been trying to raise awareness of the new regulations that click into place on the 1 October the same date as increases in minimum wage rate also comes into force.

In an extraordinary move David Cameron has commissioned last minute legal advice as to the options open to him and the government to water down the initiative in order to protect the frail economy.

A detailed report from People Management can be read here but it is baffling to think that having delayed the issuance of guidance notes in 2010 which caused the process overall to slow down so that nobody knew what the guidelines were until May 2011 that he should now take this step however welcome it would be to users within the triangle of temp, recruitment agency and the end user.

The complexity of the monitoring of the new regulations is tremendous and the extra costs will have to be paid for somewhere in the equation of supply and is another burden that industry has to carry, along with being unpaid revenue agencies for the government.

We have always said the regulations are a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but  think that this will end up as a bit of pointless sabre rattling by Cameron and if that is the case he would have been better to have said nothing in the first place.

It is still believed that over 40% of companies, including some recruitment companies remain oblivious to the upcoming changes and the possible opportunities to manage matters relatively efficiently through a mix of Swedish Derogation, short term temps and technology.

For the Ostriches amongst us it is time to take your head out of the sand and seek professional guidance from your professional advisors.

We would be happy to help.


Author – Chris Slay

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