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The big questions for tonight’s UK TV election debate

Is it true that the 3 leaders have got their personal trainers in this morning working on ducking and bobbing in avoiding direct questions this evening?

It is true that the convicted murder is unlikely to vote for the reintroduction of hanging but can this happy 3 avoid answering these questions.

1. We know the economy is in a mess and spending has to be cut. So far you have each addressed a fraction of what needs to be done. Will you now tell the UK public in broad terms how you will make the cuts and the likely impact on the average UK family?

2. The public sector is bloated, inefficient and therefore wasteful. Why has the public sector been allowed to get into this position and what do you intend to do about it.

Please specifically address these points

(a) why should a public servant have an inflation proof pension. Will you stop this after the election? If the answer is no please explain your reasons.

(b) public sector quangos have emerged which appear to be of little value. After the election will you put them through a quick “fit for purpose” examination and close down those that fail?

3. 8.18 million are economically inactive – so true unemployment is somewhere between the headline figure of 8% and a shattering 20%+ which no economy can sustain. Mr Cameron remarked that the Conservatives intend to cut benefits.

Surely Labour and the Lib Dems must have similar plans? If not how do they justify their laissez-faire attitude?

4. Is immigration a  a disease or a symptom? Would not a lot of the immigration fears and issues correct themselves naturally if the work shy and feather bedded benefit scroungers were either forced to contribute to society in exchange for support? Are not the immigrants doing the jobs Brits won’t do or don’t have the skills to do?

There are many more questions but I very much doubt we will get an answer to these but wouldn’t it be great if just one broke the ranks and admitted that the future is bleak, we will all need to feel the pain and that the profligacy of 13 years of Labour’s unfunded spending will take a generation to deal with or will the score be Realists 0 Politicians 3.

I’ll try and stay awake but might well nod off if the sterility of the first two debates is maintained.


Author – Chris Slay

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