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Beware Shonky Business Down Under

We are seeing increasing attempts at fraud in the realm of international recruitment and put out an article on a sister site relating specifically to the Middle East where we supply high numbers of ESL Teachers.

However according to an article in today’s Telegraph the practice has sprung up in Australia but whereas the practice in Europe is usually for fairly small amounts apparently the charlatans involved claim to have exclusive placement list and charge hefty fees for inclusion on what turn out to be fictitious databases.

Apparently most of the problems focus around the high volume natural resource sectors in Queensland and Western Australia this lead to, Stirling Hinchliffe, Queensland’s minister for employment, skills and mining, issuing a statement denouncing the “shonky businesses” exploiting vulnerable people.

As a company that helps people to emigrate we can tell you Australia is a hard place to get into even if you have skills that are needed. It takes time, hard work and dedication and there are no short cuts. We have evolved a proven system that works and it is free to use up to the point of acceptance but our Australian agents.

At this point, if they accept you a fee of A$150 is payable. Once paid we take your detailed profile and place it in front of Australian employers as it is true to say that only 1 in 3 jobs ever gets advertised and in our opinion it is impractical to reach these jobs unless you are physically present in Australia. Our agents are all Australian based and thus Australian consumer protection laws apply.

Echoing advice offered in European Recruitment Agency’s article check everyone out on the internet. If the website looks professional, has regularly added quality content and appears relevant to emigrating to Australia then you are probably OK but never pay any money until you have used their services and any reputable organisation will tell you about charges as we have done in this article.

Getting into Australia is more a marathon than a sprint and you need the stamina to survive the journey but for anyone with trade or professional skills it is the country to look at as demand for talent has never been higher.


Author: Chris Slay

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