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BBC Show Highlighted ill Discipline of UK Job Seekers

The recent BBC show The Day the Immigrant Left illustrated why many employers prefer to take Polish workers and other staff from Eastern Europe to carry out skilled and manual tasks, it has been claimed.

According to the Economist, the “excellent” show highlighted why firms would turn to a European recruitment agency for their staff, as the ill-discipline showed by some of the UK job seekers was there for all to see.

When criticised, some of the British staff reacted aggressively and threatened to leave their jobs – something the source claimed would rarely or never happen with Eastern European workers.

“What was striking was not just the poor attendance at work but the attitude; when told off for doing their job in the wrong way, the workers reacted with anger and threatened to walk out,” the publication said.

The programme highlighted that many UK job seekers are simply not willing to do the tasks which Eastern European workers are and the Economist suggested that a basic sense of discipline was missing, something which had not been imposed at home or school.


Author: Chris Slay

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