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Australian Unemployment is up but so are Skills Shortages

Call me cynical but if you have been operating an international recruitment agency you will see repeated patterns of activity or inactivity as the case may be. Increasing unemployment and falling skills shortages are not necessarily bedfellows.

Whilst the UK has north of 2.5 million unemployed and Euroland unemployment has risen to 11.4% there are still skills shortages. The UK has about half a million jobs from care through to trade skills like welders, steel fabricators, CNC operators and professionals such as engineers and IT specialists. So rising unemployment does not remove skills shortages but ironically accentuates how globally we have the right skills but in the wrong place – very often the wrong country or continent.

Australia is a case in point they love to wear their hearts on their sleeves and the down turn in mining, coupled with starting to sort out the public sector and a strong currency is meaning some painful adjustments but skills shortages remain everywhere.

For fast free and friendly advice any one interested in emigrating to Australia should

  • Check the skills shortage list 
  • If the skill exists then it will need to be recognised. You need to dig around but if you Google YOUR TRADE followed by “getting my qualifications recognised in Australia” – you will get there.
  • We then advise not to spend any money on trying to get a visa but to look for a job opening but you need a quality application.
  • If you are not a native born English speaker you will require IELTS ( and this is an Australian government requirement. There is no point applying for work until you have acquired this certificate.

Once you know where you are you can always email your CV to our specialist team but please ensure you have done your basic homework up front. You need to be very targeted in your search – there is no point saying “seeking a position commensurate with my skills” – you need to be focused.

Good luck with the job hunt but getting international jobs is not easy and you need to be committed.


Author: Chris Slay

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