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Australian Skills Shortages In 2013

Despite popular misconceptions the streets of Australia are not paved with gold and the economy is down in certain areas and unemployment is up but this does not mean that the search for skilled certified tradesmen and professionals has stopped.

According to recent statistics there are still 200,000 registered skills shortages plus a number more not recognised by the statisticians but evident from on the ground activity, through the so called hidden jobs market.

Australia has always been painfully slow at making decisions and current economic conditions will exacerbate matters and only the best prepared candidates will succeed and we are here to help determined and committed candidates with the right skills.

So to the top 10 shortages:

  1. Chefs – all kinds, international preferred. Chefs are not on the Australian skills shortage list but are in huge demand.
  2. Commercial Airline Pilots – all planes, all levels, but those with 3000 + flying hours will find the journey quicker
  3. Aviation Engineers, and Avionics Engineers with 5 years experience are like gold dust
  4. IT – Computer technicians – those who mend computers and systems rather than create them are currently needed
  5. Accountants – must have independent experience (not just corporate – those used to making money not just counting it)
  6. Skilled trades – All kinds of Automotive (trucks in particular, cars, earth moving, Agricultural machinery etc) must have at least 5 years experience. If you have other trade skills, not listed try us. The market moves all the time. We want men in overalls , not men in suits (send a CV to, for an informal view)
  7. Healthcare – dentists, doctors, nurses, specialists – must have at least 5 years on the job experience.Healthcare professionals are slow to process though and you need to allow a year from initial enquiry to taking up a position
  8. Air Conditioning and refrigeration technicians. Must be multi skilled with industrial experience.
  9. Hairdressers – qualified and experienced that can run a salon. A quirky one this as Employer sponsored work visa cost are hard to  justify. We look on a case by case basis
  10. Farmers and agricultural specialists – Vets, as well, particularly those who can work with large beasts in the country areas. No wooses please.

To succeed in Australia you need to understand that the local culture is different from where you are coming from. The lack of pace in decision making can be infuriating but you just have to accept that this is the way Australia does or doesn’t work as the case may be.

We know that Australian employers will only seek third party recruitment assistance once all other routes have been exhausted but we are here to help when they deem the time is right .

We can be contacted directly or via your preferred agency to conduct international searches for the talent needed to fill skills shortages but our ability to help is only as good as the intelligence shared as we need a quality job description and a competitive international package to recruit as Australia shares many of the global skills shortages and is in increasing competition for talent.


Author: Chris Slay

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