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When I started recruiting for my manufacturing businesses a generation ago the internet was in its infancy with the click clack of the telex having been replaced by the instantly yellowing pages of the early faxes. Our international recruitment started with bring in nationals from Southern Europe which in its day was quite revolutionary.

Intranets and the internet were the preserve of the few and your mobile phone was the size of a brick with questionable reception.

We thought back then that communications were so quick and marvelled out how we could fax an agreement across continents in a matter of minutes using technology that does not compare with today.

Now communication is close to instant. A CV is received from a candidate and is immediately parsed into the system with automated searches run against retained client needs. It is perfectly possible now for candidate details to be sent by Twitter or Facebook to candidate’s mobiles or to the email addresses of business owners or HR departments.

Technically it should be equally easy to receive instructions from Employers but considerable reserve remains amongst decision makers born before the digital age became real and human interaction is still the most effective way but it is likely to change as today’s teenagers are not challenged by technology as we have entered the “fone and Facebook” era. No self-respecting teenager will be seen without a smart phone and it is estimated that there are more mobile phones on the planet that people.

Technology is enabling societies to skip certain steps in business evolution and Kenya is best example where 82% of the population bank via their mobile phone and extensive use is made of GPS in farming.

Google didn’t exist 15 years ago. Facebook is less than 10 years old as it notches up its 250,000,000 subscriber worldwide and LinkedIn has just passed 10,000,000 business users and the way we do business has changed for ever.

It is now the era of click and collect and the impact on the high street is for everybody to see as we can connect to our business from anywhere in the world. WIFI challenges remain and rural areas can experience poor cover for both phones and the internet but super fast broadband is within touching distance for most.

When building your business models you need to remember that without clients you have no business and you have to offer the best buying experience you can. Anything more than a couple of clicks away is shooting yourself in the foot and immense effort has to go into the planning and execution stage as the pieces of the jigsaw are pulled together.

At Skills Provision our current website looks and feels as though it was designed by Noah and we are in the process of launching a new site but need a bit of help with launching the Facebook function that calls for us to garner as many likes as we can.


Author: Chris Slay

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