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Approaching Half of all Employed Brits Considering a Job Change.

Any survey is only as good as the reliability and balance of the database used but these statistics are culled from an Aon survey across 7500 people in 10 countries. Plus comments passed on a survey do not necessarily reflect life when the crunch comes but here are some interesting numbers
  • 47% of the UK workforce said they planned on looking for a new job by the end of the year.
  • The Irish were the only workforce in Europe more likely to want to swap jobs (49%) than the British.
  • Job satisfaction appeared to be highest in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  •  In the UK, 18-24 year olds were most likely to seek a move, with 53 per cent saying they would job hunt, while older generations were happier to sit tight.
Whether there are jobs are out there remains to be seen.
Companies need to recognise the risk of losing key personnel and reward the truly talented.
With austerity measures yet to kick in job competition is set to increase and it will only be the brave sticking their heads over the parapet in the next couple of years.


Author: Chris Slay

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