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Agency Workers Comment by David Cameron

Below is a direct quote from David Cameron referring to the Agency Worker Directive and the subsequent enactment. UK PLC is currently awaiting the issuance of guidance notes by the government explaining how it is to be applied in practice.
“In terms of the rights of agency workers, I think we have to look at this very carefully. Sometimes you find if you pile on extra rights and obligations, you just end up with fewer people in jobs,” he said. “I think we have got to ask ourselves a pretty simple question: if we want more jobs, are we making it easier or more difficult to employ someone?”
  • It is a simple question with a simple answer.
  • It will increase the costs for all involved in terms of time.
  • It will be an administrative nightmare.
  • The increased costs will need to be passed on and therefore it will be inflationary.
“If it is enacted as envisaged the only people it will benefit are the lawyers and the software developers who will have to be engaged to ensure compliance”, said Helen Slay of Skills Provision a specialist supplier of agency workers. “The benefits to the individual agency workers are likely to be minimal – a classic sledgehammer to crack a nut.”
We doubt that the guidance notes will emerge until after the parliamentary recess.


Author: Chris Slay

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