International Staffing Agency Positions

If you are a job seeker and interested in working overseas, we have many employment opportunities.



Our international staffing agency source skilled/unskilled labour for companies struggling to hire. As global skill shortages increase our online services are becoming more popular.

At Skills Provision we hold a vast inventory of available manpower, each entry is diligently checked and processed by our Validation Team.

Job seekers that are accepted into our database have their own unique (GDPR friendly) Profile webpage. These are widely viewed by interested parties and result in many employer enquiries.

Naturally we want all our Profile pages to be highly visible and viewed favourably by prospective employers. To that end we have our own set of guidelines, these are:

  • Upload an accurate detailed CV/Resume
  • List professional qualifications
  • Add previous employment details
  • Add current location
  • Upload a suitable portrait image

By taking advantage of our system it has never been easier for job seekers to get their professional details in front of the employer.

Our international staffing agency also supports the employer, we do this by sourcing suitable manpower for permanent, temporary and seasonal positions. All we ask in return is the submission of a detailed job description and tabling a fair and reasonable offer.

Skills Provision specialise in placing remote workers for more details speak to one of our representatives.

Employer’s that require more information on our recruitment services should email or utilise one of our website forms. A member of our Support Team will be on-hand to deal with your enquiry in a prompt, professional and confidential manner.