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International Recruitment in Manchester

Corporate activity in the Manchester region has improved significantly following the well documented financial crisis. Because of this demand for skilled and unskilled labour is high.

Working in Manchester

Skills Provision provide international recruitment support to Manchester based businesses. Whatever the requirement, single workers or large teams/groups, we are on-hand to assist.

When empowering the services of an external employment agency the needs of the hirer are simple:

  • Hassle free recruitment
  • Quality workers sourced
  • Deadlines met
  • Cost effective service

Recruitment agencies that deliver on all 4 points are of benefit to the employer.

Unlike most agencies Skills Provision cast their nets far and wide, this is beneficial when suitable manpower cannot be sourced from local or national markets. In our eyes the perfect candidate should be judged on merit, not location or nationality.

Our track record in delivering recruitment solutions is unparalleled, saying that we do require 2 things before embarking on a new project, these are:

  1. The submission of a detailed, in date, job description
  2. The submission of a fair and reasonable offer

Please note, Skills Provision is an ethical organisation, to that end we will not take on any project offering below the minimum wage.

If your Manchester based business requires international recruitment support please make contact at the earliest opportunity, you can do this by emailing  calling +44 (0)2079890750 or utilise one of our website forms.

We do not favour ‘red’ or ‘blue’ we simply focus on delivering the right manpower in a professional and efficient manner.