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International Mining Jobs

The nature of international mining is that it tends to be cyclical with peaks and troughs, these are dependent on location and economic cycles.

Mining Job

The good news is there’s generally positive activity somewhere in the world, however, competition for international mining jobs can be high.

Jobs within the international mining sector cover a wide spectrum from identifying resources, sourcing permissions and getting an infrastructure in place ready for extraction. On close-down there are often environmental rectifications.

Many mining locations are remote and challenging and involve living in purpose built “villages”, sometimes access to these can be difficult.

The nature of an employment contract generally leads to periods of intense working activity (12 hour days for 6 days a week) but then enjoying a home furlough for several weeks. Each contract is different and candidates are strongly advised to be careful in assessing the fine print.

For employers’ it can be difficult to recruit.

  • Defining the required skills and producing a suitable job description
  • Having a suitable contract in place
  • Sourcing the right manpower

These are areas that Skills Provision have detailed knowledge in.

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