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How Important is the Recruitment Process?

It would be fair to say each task requires the right recruitment process.

Hiring Workers

Subtle differences exist on each project, it should not be a case of one shoe fits all. Recruitment specialists at Skills Provision understand the fine detail contained within each process.

A few examples include:

  • Should a client based video supplement the adverts?
  • If needed, what syndication outlets will provide the best results?
  • Are there any visa or legal constraints to be considered?
  • How much detail is needed on the job description?
  • How much time is available to complete the task?
  • If searching for an international solution, what are the language parameters?
  • What documentation will a candidate be expected to produce?

As you can see from the short list a recruitment process is fairly complicated, only by covering each element in detail will the employing company receive favourable results.

Francesca Slay, the Operations Manager at Skills Provision states. “The service levels we provide are very high, by carefully following structured guidelines our staff are able to provide a professional service that delivers true value for money at all levels”.

Selecting the right recruitment agency can be a difficult task, questioning providers on the processes they use will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you require the services of a company that fully understand the recruitment process at all levels please call +44 (0) 20798990750, alternatively you can email or utilise an online form.

If recruitment is important for your business you need to bring in the right support team.