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Global Engineering Skills Shortages are Accelerating

Worldwide demand for engineering skills have moved higher into the second quarter of 2013.

Whilst Australia may be slowing down, demand from the Middle East is at its highest since 2008 and with 600-700 major projects planned for the MENA region in the next 24 months. The scramble for talent moves forward at an electrifying pace. This will prove highly inflationary.

Worldwide Engineering Shortages

This is seen in a number of ways. Direct demand from the Middle East but also from international companies involved in projects in the region looking to source international talent from around the world. Whilst ex- Commonwealth countries are the preferred scouting ground we are seeing a widening of the net with engineers from Southern Europe and Asia being recruited providing they can communicate in English.

It is not all natural resource related and certainly oil and gas projects have been joined by major construction projects throughout the region. This includes the new Taj Mahal in Dubai.

What is holding back the transfer of talent to fill the numerous voids is detailed communication and transparency from Employers as many have yet to accept the change in the supply and demand matrix. We are aware that several projects have been delayed already and the sourcing of talent is set to worsen from an employers’ perspective.

This is a great time to be job hunting, whatever your specialism is in engineering and we welcome all CV registrations.

For employers it is a much more difficult time to recruit. It is definitely a case of the early bird catching the best worms. The importance of  marketing your organisation to potential candidates through all available channels cannot be overstated. We are here to help and can be reached through the website.



Author: Chris Slay


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