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Executive Headhunters at Skills Provision

If your company requires executive headhunters, look no further than Skills Provision.


Organisations that require senior executives often need the assistance of specialist agencies. Detailed searches are often carried out locally, nationally and internationally. The success of a campaign is often attributed to the professionalism and working standards of the empowered agency.

Skills Provision utilise their Client Zone software when empowered as headhunters. This means the client can see live progress on their project and alongside the dedicated recruitment team start work on the detailed process of filtration and selection.

On a headhunter task, it’s very important to cover all aspects of the job description, this is why consultants at Skills Provision take particular care at this stage.

Common roles filled include:

  • President’s
  • CEO’s
  • Board Members
  • Managing Directors
  • Finance Officers
  • Engineering Directors
  • CTO
  • CIO
  • Production Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Operations Directors
  • Lawyers

Headhunters at Skills Provision do not have a high churn rate, due to the nature of the task and the diligent processes that needs to be followed each consultant may only close a handful of cases each year.

The most important element for headhunters is the delivery of quality results in a reasonable time frame.

If you require the services of a headhunter company, one well versed in the delivery of exceptional results, please call, +44 (0) 20798990750, alternatively you can email or utilise an online form.