Engineering Jobs in Australia

Skills Provision has been helping Australian employers alleviate shortages in the engineering sector for many years. Engineering Jobs in Australia remain sought after; candidates need to be aware that the process is a difficult one. This is always the case where high levels of competition exist.

We offer this advice to employers:

  • Ensure you have a full job description to hand
  • Make sure your package is internationally competitive
  • Your company needs to be fully showcased
  • You need to be in a position to make decisions quickly

These general points apply to employers across the whole spectrum of engineering. Remember Skills Provision is well positioned to assist in all matters relating to international recruitment. No other Company offers the same level of service when it comes to filling engineering jobs in Australia.

For candidates we advocate:

  • Internet research, is Australia for you?
  • Are your skills on the shortage list?
  • Have you had your skills recognised in Australia?
  • Do you need an IELTS certificate?

Candidates searching for engineering jobs in Australia need to be focussed in their search, remembering terms in one market may not directly translate to terms in another.

Professionally presented CV’s are vital, if you are to be taken seriously. Please keep these documents free of acronyms and technical jargon. They should be presented in a logical manner that fully showcases your ability and previous experience.

Australia only wants time served engineers, it is highly unlikely that anyone with less than 3 years practical experience will attract a 457 Employer sponsored visa.

Skills Provision are experts in sourcing engineering jobs in Australia. Our experienced team regularly receive manpower requests from various sectors.

The first task in securing a position is to join our website and then upload your CV. Employers are requested to make direct contact.