Construction Jobs in Australia

Construction Jobs in Australia are varied and available nationwide. Demand naturally fluctuates with domestic and international economic cycles, but there is generally a shortage of certified trade skills as well as professional management in this area. Skills Provision is well positioned to source talent from within the country or from the international marketplace.

Mobility and flexibility are important aspects in securing construction jobs in Australia. Workers need to go to where the demand lies; this is often away from the metropolitan areas. The natural resource sector has a significant impact on demand.

Whilst there is a mature and developed local market the country has an ageing construction workforce, this is why organisations turn to international markets to secure their skilled labour. Skills Provision have unparalleled recruiting expertise in working with national and international contractors as well as local subcontractors. Our on the ground expertise gives us the competitive edge.

Employers should initially register interest through our website, once done we will analyse your requirements.

We require:

  • A job description
  • A job package
  • A marketing document

Where skills cannot be found for construction jobs in Australia, companies are now realising they can turn to Skills Provision in targeting candidates that are looking for 457 Employer Sponsored Visas.

We recommend early registration of a CV for anyone searching for construction jobs in Australia. However before doing so please ensure you have:

  • Researched Australia thoroughly (International workers only)
  • Established your skills are in demand
  • Qualifications that are recognised in Australia (International workers only)
  • If required you have obtained a language qualification such as IELTS

If you provide our organisation with the correct information, it will greatly increase the chances of sourcing top quality workers or finding the perfect job for your skill-set.