Chef Jobs in Australia

Skills Provision constantly attracts interest from quality chefs. However we cannot hold that interest unless employers are able to react promptly. These specialists will simply move on to the next opportunity that arises.

If you search the Australian Government’s skills shortage list, you won’t find chefs listed. However filling these positions is a serious problem for establishments throughout the country.

Chef jobs in Australia are constantly advertised but there’s a resistance amongst candidates to provide detailed information, this often slows down the whole process.

Chefs hoping to work in Australia need to understand how the market works, especially the hidden jobs section. It is believed that only one in three positions is publically advertised. To effectively access this information, chefs need to build a portfolio of information that includes everything necessary to get a visa but also includes a portfolio of food shots, showcasing culinary creations.

Chef Jobs in Australia range from

  • Mass catering for the mines
  • Surf Clubs
  • Sports Establishments
  • Hotel chains
  • Exclusive Boutique Hotels
  • High End restaurants
  • Ethnic specialisation

Along with the chefs there are also auxiliary roles in the kitchen, sous, demi, patisserie etc. so candidates in all areas should register their CV’s on our website, especially if sourcing chef jobs in Australia is high on the agenda.

For employers the key is being committed to the process.

  • A detailed job description is essential.
  • Are you willing to offer a 457 visa?
  • Are you willing to offer an internationally competitive package?
  • Are you willing to move quickly?

If any of these components are missing it is unlikely that you will succeed in sourcing quality workers.

Skills Provision is always happy to work with employers committed to international recruitment. Our track record in filling chef jobs in Australia is exemplary. We are succeeding because we understand all elements of employment.