We are getting ahead of the game this year and welcome to our Christmas Newsletter and forecast for 2014 down under to include Australia and New Zealand.

AFTER a year of slowing growth, Australia’s economy is showing signs of warming up to aggressive central bank rate cuts aimed at boosting house-buying and retail spending to help offset a slowdown in the mining industry.

Recent economic reports are fueling optimism the strategy is working. Recent government data showed retail sales rising 0.8% in September from August, double the amount expected by economists, and that house prices extended their recent strong gains. Meanwhile, a report from ANZ showed the number of jobs being advertised across the country was about the same in October as a month earlier, continuing a recovery from a long string of sharp declines, but we still expect to see Australian unemployment to drift higher for those without in demand qualifications and skills. As can be seen from the consolidated skills shortage list opportunities are abound. Rising unemployment does not mean that skills shortages do not exist.

Our forecast is that both construction and mining will pick up in 2014. We expect the pickup in construction to start from the second quarter 2014 meaning that now is the time to start the emigration process if you have the trade skills. City skylines are seeing the return of cranes and a number of sizeable projects are in the pipeline. Existing slack is being taken up quickly but we expect demand for project management skills to reappear. Mining, that underpins the economy as a whole, is still slowing but the rate of contraction is decreasing. We remain quite bullish about the market and expect the first signs of recovery late in 2014. It is too early to apply for these jobs but keep your eyes on our job board.

The big in demand sectors remain:

Try us out but only if you are prepared to follow this procedure:

  1. You have checked the Skills Shortage list and think you qualify
  2. Register your CV on line by creating an account here and completing a profile
  3. Completing the basic information form attached and sending it to together with an up to date copy of your CV and the data page of your passport as proof of nationality
  4. CV’s are much more effective if they have your picture on them. If you can’t do that then send a separate picture.

Please note that if you are not a native born English speaker then IELTS will be required. This is an Australian government requirement.

It is also highly likely that skills recognition will be needed and no Australian employer will consider you until you have got this in place.

Normally Australia closes for a month around Christmas but this year we will be available to existing and future candidates as business confidence is the highest it has been in the last 6 years as the result of the change of government and our job is to get you the job of your dreams but we need quality information.

To the many of you that started the process in 2013 but failed to provide the necessary information this is an opportunity to re-engage with the process but you will only succeed if you have the self-discipline to complete all the paperwork.

With best wishes for the festive season from us here at Skills Provision.

Chris Slay

Director – Skills Provision International

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