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It’s only to easy for the helpers of the world to succumb to the demands of the needy users who appear helpless. So it is with human nature that there are those who rescue and those who will always look to be rescued but it shouldn’t be this way.

We hold the philosophy that you can only help someone who is prepared to first help themselves and only then can we work with them. Even at the point where the candidate has made the first move we will require pound for pound in effort which means we will only progress an application where the candidate is doing as much for themselves as we are doing for them and there is always plenty for them to do.

Long gone are the days where you can secure a job via a phone call or by sending in an out of date general CV.

This also means that the candidate has to commit to themselves as much as we are committing to them and this takes an amount of self belief. Right there is the greatest hurdle we face in this industry – human beings – our raw material, our stock in trade. Unlike most industries it is a living, breathing, emotional, unpredictable commodity subject to change.

This goes further to include fellow professionals who are passionate about helping their clients, yet when I interview the clients only a small few are as passionate about helping themselves. They are simply not willing to put in the hard yards but somehow expect to succeed by getting someone else to do the spade work for them. Sad but true.

We can only help someone when they are ready to accept help and that can be the most difficult thing to identify in a candidate and no amount of trying by us can make them reach this point before they are ready. Whether it be that life changing experience or a revelation or simply a change in circumstances it has to be their decision not ours that gets them going. Remember when the the going gets tough it is the tough that get going but finding an international job takes time.

Recruiters are the mechanics that work on your vehicle not the vehicle itself. It will be you that ultimately succeed aided by a recruiter so always think how am I going to stand out from the crowd and what can I do for my future employer.


Author: Chris Slay

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