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Anything but Hard Work, Please

In recruitment if you look closely you can differentiate between the professional operator and the ‘bluffer’.

The professional recruiter will:

  • Produce interesting unique content
  • Use copyright free images
  • Use social accounts with genuine followers
  • Never consider stealing content or spinning
  • Never take someone else’s work and pass it off as their own

The bluffer however has become adept at:

  • Stealing content and passing it off as their own
  • Spinning
  • Stealing images
  • Buying social followers
  • Utilising any shortcut available

So, why is this important?

In many ways it comes down to this, who do we want to do business with? A dedicated professional who takes pride in their work or someone who constantly looks for the easiest option, the path of least resistance.

In recruitment

  • How many emails and job adverts do you see that contain basic mistakes?
  • How many recruiters produce compelling adverts from the supplied information?
  • How many recruiters search for quality, related syndication outlets?
  • How many put the needs of the employer before their own?

In truth the answer to the above is not many. However, when choosing Skills Provision as a recruitment partner you are selecting the professional, over the bluffer, every day of the week.